Course Summary

This course is aimed at developing the foundation knowledge and skills that underpin the use of ultrasound for examination of musculoskeletal structures. It is intended for clinicians and practitioners with little or no previous ultrasound scanning experience or understanding of the physics and controls of medical ultrasound. The course does not culminate in an exam or any form of educational or competency assessment but has been independently assessed CPD accreditation.

The format is a home-based programme of instruction and practical assignments facilitated by provision of an appropriate ultrasound scanner to each delegate. The interactive video conference sessions and accompanying practice exercises have been specifically designed to develop a foundation of understanding of the physics and principles of scanning and its application to guide the identification and assessment of musculoskeletal structures.

The course is conducted over 4 weeks.

All delegates are sent an Orca POD Toolbox containing a Sonon 300L portable ultrasound, a gel phantom, ultrasound gel and clinical wipes all of which are provided for the duration of the course. The POD Toolbox incorporates all the elements necessary to enable the progressive acquisition of knowledge and skills through home-based practice. The teaching programme is delivered by a combination of interactive lectures and practice exercises that will equip delegates with the essential cognitive skills necessary to begin incorporating ultrasound imaging guidance into their daily clinical management.

There is an assignment at the end of each session which helps the delegates to revise the concepts learnt during each session and to provide a framework for practising those skills.

Capacity is limited to 10 - 12 delegates per course.

A sample programme is available here. Please note this is subject to change.

Course Objectives

  • To understand how an ultrasound image is created - the Physics of Ultrasound
  • To be able to Identify basic tissue structure patterns using ultrasound
  • To demonstrate and use the fundamental scanning techniques used to identify musculoskeletal anatomy
  • Observe and demonstrate how to move the probe using probe handling techniques to scan structures
  • Practice the fundamental scanning techniques used to identify musculoskeletal anatomy


What's Included?

  • Each delegate has their own POD Toolbox for the duration of the course. This contains a Sonon 300L ultrasound system and gel phantom. Ultrasound gel and wipes are also included.
  • 4 x weekly 2hr live teaching sessions with lectures, demonstrations, and interactive guided scanning practice.
  • Weekly homework assignment with feedback to guide practice.
  • CPD certificate upon completion.

Course Programme

Course Tutor(s)

Trained as a Physiotherapist, Sonographer and Injection Therapist, Stewart specialises in diagnostic ultrasound scanning and ultrasound-guided injections of the upper and lower limbs. Combining his skills, he can provide a specialised service involving detailed clinical examination, ultrasound scanning, joint and soft-tissue injections and rehabilitation advice for joint, soft tissue and nerve conditions of the upper and lower limbs. Stewart holds degrees in Sport & Exercise Science (BSc Hons) and Physiotherapy (MSc) as well as obtaining a Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Ultrasound and a Post Graduate Diploma in Musculoskeletal Injection Therapy. As a Physiotherapist of over 13 years, he commonly sees both simple and complex conditions of the upper and lower limbs in his practise. He has had a longstanding sub-specialist interest in shoulder problems and continues to enjoy this aspect of his clinical work. Stewart is the Clinical Director at Life Fit Wellness and enjoys teaching Nationally on ultrasound education. As a former international badminton player, he is delighted to be involved with the Badminton World Federation Research Commission, where he is actively involved in injury prevention research.

Frequently asked questions

The programme for each course is formulated by the course director and a description of the content and intended learning objectives is provided.
The biographies for the Course directors of each course are provided so that you can see their experience.
In order to perform image guided injections in your workplace you must conform to your local guidelines and competency requirements.
Our Foundation courses are specifically designed for people who have no previous scanning experience.
There are options available to buy, rent or lease these and other ultrasound products that we sell. If you are interested please inform a member of our training staff or email us at
When you have registered you'll be asked to fill out a form which gives us your preferred delivery details. Your Orca POD will be shipped to you via DHL Express. You get to keep and use the Orca POD for the entire duration of the course and we'll arrange the collection after the last session/assessment.
We provide pre-course technical support to help you from the time you receive your Orca POD. Our team is available for one-on-one meetings before and between sessions to support you.
When someone is unable to attend a session a colleague can attend in their place.
The Course Fee includes the rental of the equipment for the entire duration of the course as well as the tutor's fee, shipping, CPD points and certificate.
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