Our Chosen Partner for Wireless Ultrasound

Through the use of mobile technology, Healcerion strives to bring affordable, high-quality medical care to clinical and remote locations.

Benjamin Ryu is the CEO and founder of Healcerion. Founded in 2012 in South Korea.

His diverse experiences have laid the foundation for the SONON ultrasound system. Prior to founding Healcerion, he attended NASA’s Aero-Astro Medicine program at the University of Texas and participated in the Korean Astronaut Candidate Contest in April 2006.

Ben founded Healcerion with a vision to create devices that make healthcare more accessible to patients around the world and he now has an organisation that follows his vision.

Healcerion Sonon 300C

The SONON 300C Imaging System is designed for abdominal and obstetric scanning including bladder volume assessment. Healcerion's SONON design is a truly mobile ultrasound device compatible with iOS and Android technology. Small enough to be practical, SONON offers excellent batte...

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Healcerion Sonon 300L

The SONON 300L Imaging System is designed for musculoskeletal (MSK), vascular, and other superficial imaging needs. It's particularly suitable for needle guidance and targeted access. In MSK, it is capable of good penetration and can adequately guide interventions in knee, should...

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