Our Chosen Partner for Premium Ultrasound

Konica Minolta Healthcare ultrasound business provides the accessibility and clinical confidence you need to make informed decisions at the point-of-care.

Konica Minolta entered the ultrasound market with unrivalled experience. In 2014 they purchased Panasonic's Imaging Division which enabled Konica Minolta to draw on 50 years of experience developing high quality transducers and ultrasound systems for many major manufacturers. The new Sonimage product range is the finest portable ultrasound in the market.

Konica Minolta Sonimage HS1

The HS1 is rapidly gaining a reputation as a simple to use system of great capability. The innovative combination of simplified buttons with a touchscreen display offer easy intuitive use while retaining access to all the controls an imaging expert might need to optimise setting...

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Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1

One-Touch image optimization at your fingertips. Developed with the MSK practitioner in mind to shorten the system learning curve, the easy-to-use MX1 System features one-touch image optimization to simplify operation.

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