Based in the enterprise zone at the University of the West of England, Orca Medical is not just a new technology company. We work closely with expert Allied Professionals and Faculties to integrate innovative technology with accredited training. Simply put we add our knowledge of the available equipment to their knowledge of the clinical requirement to deliver an enhanced training experience.

All our systems are tried and tested by experts

For Peace of Mind

All our chosen ultrasound systems have passed our rigorous 3 stage suitability and review test. We only want to offer our customers the best systems on the market for their exact clinical requirements.

  • Stage 1: Quality and Image testing undertaken by clinical experts
  • Stage 2: Course testing where customers compare and test the system
  • Stage 3: Customer reviews and feedback after purchase

Although all our systems are suited for your clinical need we place a 5 Orca rating on the systems which stand out in the range based on performance, features, design, quality and popularity.


Our partners in in Musculoskeletal Imaging provide education programmes and are involved in everyday clinical delivery. They have guided our selection of products, giving consideration the requirements of the novice learner through to the needs of the expert practitioner. The systems always focus on practicality, delivering optimum image quality within different budgetary needs. No matter how you may be seeking to use ultrasound, be it for in depth diagnosis or to complement anatomic injection, an appropriate solution is available.​

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Orca Recommended Systems

Premium Range

Konica Minolta Sonimage HS1

The HS1 is rapidly gaining a reputation as a simple to use system of great capability. The innovative combination of simplified buttons with a touchscreen display offer easy intuitive use while retaining access to all the controls an imaging expert might need to optimise setting...

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High End Range

Konica Minolta Sonimage MX1

One-Touch image optimization at your fingertips. Developed with the MSK practitioner in mind to shorten the system learning curve, the easy-to-use MX1 System features one-touch image optimization to simplify operation.

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Mid Range

Mindray M7

This laptop style scanner is well known to MSK practitioners around the world and offers good performance with a great range of features such as needle enhancement, trapezoidal imaging and panoramic displays. It offers a nice balance of superficial imaging for small joints of th...

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Mindray TE5

This tablet style system is optimised for MSK imaging and needle guidance. The simple touch screen display makes the system not only good to look at but very practical and intuitive to use. Similar in cost to the M7 Premium, the TE5 offers a lot for the user who wants good perfo...

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Value Range

Mindray Z6

The Z6 design is typical of the desktop style so popular in certain parts of the world. This model has been optimised for MSK and incorporates important facilities such as power Doppler to facilitate assessment of inflammation. The additional internal space afforded by the de...

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Wireless Range

Healcerion Sonon 300C

The SONON 300C Imaging System is designed for abdominal and obstetric scanning including bladder volume assessment. Healcerion's SONON design is a truly mobile ultrasound device compatible with iOS and Android technology. Small enough to be practical, SONON offers excellent batte...

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Healcerion Sonon 300L

The SONON 300L Imaging System is designed for musculoskeletal (MSK), vascular, and other superficial imaging needs. It's particularly suitable for needle guidance and targeted access. In MSK, it is capable of good penetration and can adequately guide interventions in knee, should...

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