Orca POD

Learning ultrasound and acquiring the equipment can be challenging

The Orca POD is a new way to learn and practice ultrasound scanning. POD means Practical on Demand. Each month-long POD course is designed to deliver key fundamental probe handling skills by weekly online sessions and tiered assignments.

Participants receive a POD toolbox that contains everything required to start your learning journey, including a scanner. All courses are led by a programme director working in partnership with Orca Medical's in-house expertise.

Orca POD is not just about the beginnings of your journey to proficiency. We and our partners are with you at each stage through to mastership of this wonderful but challenging to learn technology.

What's inside the POD toolbox?

Ultrasound Scanner
Bespoke Course Material
Orca-POD Communicator

Introducing Orca POD

A brand new way of delivering practical ultrasound training

Orca POD is a revolutionary connection space, where professional practitioners can access intelligence, inspiration, knowledge and resources at all stages in their pathway to proficiency in ultrasound.

Our vision is to change the delivery of practical training by enabling practitioners across the world to connect with experts and access the most suitable equipment.

A platform beyond learning

"Orca POD is a connection space for practitioners, education providers and technical specialists"

Orca POD is a connection space for practitioners, education providers and technical specialists. It is a collaborative learning platform offering a unique method of delivery combining practical learning with bespoke support. Orca POD is a pathway from first experience to proficiency.

Introducing Levels

We recognise the benefits of a space in which you can have the opportunity to obtain support of an appropriate nature as you progress from foundation to expertise in ultrasound.

We focus on a collaborative learning experience to ensure you have a clear and comprehensive pathway to follow. At each stage we ensure you are supported by the most appropriate partner for the skill level and speciality you require.

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Sports Medicine
General Practice

These disciplines increasingly benefit from use of ultrasound in daily practice. However, acquiring the probe handling and image interpretation skills necessary to properly intergrate ultrasound into their work is challenging.

The Orca POD principlies create a pathway of exploration, foundation, partnership and mastership and enable practitioners to adopt ultrasound into their routine work effectively and progressively.

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