Orca POD

Where Ultrasound Education and Practice come together

  • The Orca POD is a new way to learn and practice ultrasound scanning. Participants receive a POD toolbox course FREE of cost when you book the course with us.
  • Each month-long POD course is designed to deliver key fundamental probe handling skills by weekly online sessions and tiered assignments.

What's inside the POD toolbox?

  • Ultrasound Scanner
  • Tablet
  • Phantom
  • Bespoke Course Materials

"Orca POD Is a Connection Space for Practitioners, Education Providers And Technical Specialists"

For anyone who has never received any instruction on or handled an ultrasound scanner before, Foundation level training is essential. POD Foundations courses are designed to deliver an understanding of the essential physics and familiarise the practitioner with the basics of controlling both the scanner and how to hold and manipulate the probe.

The importance of having these elements in place before attending focused introduction level training events is under acknowledged yet, as with any completely new talent, a safe space in which to develop fundamental baseline skill before entering the 'field of play' is really essential. The ORCA POD concept was conceived as a method of enabling a healthcare professional to work on those key skills. Equipped with the fundamentals of how to move a probe and visualise a structure, you are then in a good position to consider the next steps of your training.

Orca POD is a pathway from first experience to proficiency. It is a collaborative learning platform offering a unique method of delivery combining practical learning with bespoke support.

We recognise the benefits of a space in which you can have the opportunity to obtain support of an appropriate nature as you progress from foundation to expertise in ultrasound.

We focus on a collaborative learning experience to ensure you have a clear and comprehensive pathway to follow. At each stage we ensure you are supported by the most appropriate partner for the skill level and speciality you require.

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