Orca Medical was founded when two highly experienced industry professionals realised that while a growing number of practitioners are looking to bring the benefits of ultrasound skills into their practice, their access to an extended choice of scanners that may suit their needs is quite limited. We are committed to delivering solutions for healthcare professionals and use our knowledge to source and select portable ultrasound systems that offer a promising balance of cost and performance for a particular type of use. Before making a product available, we ask experts to evaluate its suitability, looking at the acceptability of imaging and value for money it offers. Scanners that pass our test of being within a certain price range and also offering optimum performance for that price are then made available and use on courses so that delegates can experience what those different price levels mean in terms of performance and make informed judgements about what will be most appropriate to purchase for their practice.

This has a further benefit, in that course organisers frequently face restrictions in obtaining enough equipment to deliver the practical scanning essential for skills development. We want to help expand the availability and quality of training, at all levels.

We will work with any manufacturer prepared to work with us and will ensure its products, should they pass the tests of suitability and value, are introduced to users fairly and equitably.

We encourage all prospective purchasers to attend courses, experience the range of performance options available and then consider the best way of incorporating ultrasound scanning into practice so that it does deliver the anticipated benefits. We will work with you to find the right pathway into the challenging, dynamic and hugely rewarding world of ultrasound.

We are committed to enhancing patient care and clinical outcomes thorough the use of innovative and affordable Products and Services.

Rob Fowler - Co-Founder and Executive Director

We will use our expertise to provide practitioners with products that can deliver better more cost effective patient care in any setting.

Douglas Ogg - Co-Founder and Executive Director

Director Bios

Rob Fowler


Rob Fowler is Co-Founder of Orca Medical Ltd. He is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and business transformation to drive competitiveness and customer value.

Based in the UK, Rob has more than 30 years of experience in Ultrasound and other medical devices, he has held top level positions in healthcare corporates. Philips Healthcare (2005 - 2016) he held various commercial roles such as Global Development Director developing new business models. Head of the European Ultrasound Sales (including UKI, Germany, France, Benelux, Nordics, Italy, Iberia, Alps, and Israel) and UKI Sales Director working with various medical equipment products such as for ultrasound and patient monitoring.

Prior to Philips, he served several years with Toshiba Medical Systems Europe (1989 - 2005) Sales and Service starting as Senior Engineer transitioning to Regional /UK Sales Manager developing new Managed Service models. Pre-1989 he worked in the UK NHS as Medical Physics Officer.

Douglas Ogg


Douglas Ogg is Co-Founder of Orca Medical Ltd. He has worked in minimally invasive diagnosis and therapy for more than 30 years. In his 26 years at KeyMed and Olympus he held various commercial and product management positions covering the full breadth of ultrasound, endoscopy and surgery, working at the interface between clinical user communities around the world and the company’s R&D to deliver new solutions to medical challenges. On leaving Olympus in 2012, he helped found Imaging First Ltd, as UK distributor for Zonare Medical Systems. Convinced of Ultrasound’s ever-widening value in healthcare, he is focused on enhancing its role via innovative products, supported by structured training and ethical promotion.