Karen Howarth

Karen Howarth

Clinical specialist physiotherapist with expertise in neurological rehabilitation

Karen is a clinical specialist physiotherapist with expertise in neurological rehabilitation for adults and children, working both in hospital and community settings across the NHS and private sectors .Karen demonstrates specialist spasticity assessment and treatment skills and works as part of multidisciplinary team as a trained injector of botulinum toxin. Within the MDT, Karen advises on bespoke management adjuncts for spasticity including Botulinum Toxin, phenol nerve blockades, ITB and peripheral neurectomies.

Karen worked on a spasticity CQUIN with the dual role of developing a specialist spasticity outreach service for patients unfit to travel to clinic, whilst creating and delivering a training package on spasticity management for professionals working in care homes. Karen has continued this work and regularly presents to those within the legal world on the need for early intervention to maximise rehab potential, and to avoid secondary co morbidities. Karen was recognised for her work on this project and given a best practise award.

Having worked within a regional orthotic centre, Karen has expertise in orthotic prescription, assessment and fabrication. Karen is skilled in serial casting and the provision of FES. Karen has worked as a brain injury case manager gaining an in-depth understanding of the litigation process, and the need to maintain open, transparent and frequent communication with all members of the multi-disciplinary team in order to provide timely and effective care for each client. Karen continues to provide Immediate Needs Assessments, and case management on an interim basis.

Karen acts as an expert witness specialising in long term adult neuro rehabilitation. Karen is passionate about every patient reaching their rehabilitation potential, and has demonstrated a sound record on providing up to date evidence-based recommendations to assist in the acquisition of funds for clients proceeding with both personal injury and medical negligence claims.

Within Apollo Health, Karen is responsible for managing a team of clinicians, as alongside leading development and research. Karen provides professional input to assist a level 2b rehabilitation unit to evidence patient outcome through the implementation of recognise valid and reliable outcome measures.